Waso or Full moon Day of Waso

wasoMyanmar use Julian calendar for business. For social religious, cultural and astrological matters we use Myanmar traditional calendar, based on ancient Hindu astronomical charts. Julian calendar was solar in nature. Modern astronomers had fine-tuned it with astral observation. So infect it is now an astral calendar. But our Myanmar calendar is hybrid in nature, year is solar year but months are based on moon. so our most festivals, sabbath days are all based on the moon. Our festivals are started on fullmoon day or new moon day. Our Sabbath days are fullmoon days, new moon days and 8th of waning or 8th waxing every month. Those were once public holidays.

Wazo is fourth month in myanmar year. On this fullmoon day of Wazo Loard Buddha delivered the very first sermon of dharma cakra to the first five disciples, the panca waggish. it was also on fullmoon day that loard Buddha left the earthlings and went to tavatimsa to deliver sermons to his mother of previous births and existences.

It also ushers the Buddhist lent, the ninety days of meritorious deeds. In ancient Myanmar most of the boys donned saffron robes as samaneras for 90 days. Some of those even remained in the monastery for a year or two to study and practice Theravada Buddhism. During lent it was a taboo to change residence, moving from one house to another. Marriages were deferred until after the lent.

Young people especially  students go out in groups to collect flowers on the eve of the festival. It is happy outing for them that is a great tradition started long time ago when most of the land was covered with wild flowering plants. Now expansion of agriculture and new settlements have reduced the availability of wild flowers, on the outskirts of the towns and cities. But it is still possible in more than 90 per cent of the country where our rural folks live.

Offering of robes and other temporal needs of monks is also included along with the flowers for the Lord Buddha. It is a great occasion for Buddhists.





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