True, Myanmar foods are not as famous as their counter parts from China, Thailand or India. However, a tourist who has tasted one of the following Myanmar foods often finds himself longing for it again:

. Pressed fish sauce and vegetable dips (Complementary side-dish for Myanmar main meals)
. Sugar – cane juice (sweet and delicious drink, best recommended at the peak of the burning Myanmar summer)
. Mohn – let – saung rice snacks (best taken with coconut milk and icicles)
. Boiled peas and nanpya roti (a popular breakfast before morning tea)
. Oiled turmeric rice (best as warm breakfast food in the cold seasons)
. Tea-leaf salad (Myanmar favourite, sometimes eaten with rice)
. Mohinga and coconut noodles (commonest Myanmar breakfast foods which often attention of voracious tourists)


Thanakha is a Myanmar Traditional Make-Up. It comes from the bark of a tree botanically called limoniaacidissima. The Myanmar dames outs ob her faces, sometimes throughout her body from her forehead to her toes, the yellow paste obtained by grinding the bark on a circular grinding stone with several drops of water. Ever boys willingly wear it very often. Thanakha has not only the effect of making its wearer pretty, but6 also that of cooling her body, smoothening the skin and destroying beauty spots like acnes and freckles. It is also believed that small doses of thanakha everyday can protect young children from measles and small poxes. You can easily pick out a Myanmar girl as soon as you seethanakha paste on her face!

Saung Gauk(Myanmar Harp)

Myanmar harp is an acient musical string instrument that is used in Myanmar about 1200 years ago. It is an essential instrument in Myanmar.(Royal Orchestra) It’s status is the same as violin and it can be accounted as the king of the musical instrument. Myanmar harp which is played in place is called Gandabba harp.

The original harp is the graceful looking boat-shaped instrument. The bowl is made of padauk wood because it can produce high quality sound. The carved stem (lat-yone) is made from shar wood(cutch0 the bowel is covered by deer’s skin. There are four holes on lop of the sound box.

There are 16 silks strings system cally lied to the ridge on the bowl. Each silk strings system atically tied to the ridge on the bowl. Each silk string is attached with another cotton string. There are two sizes harp. The twenty eight inches size is for male and twenty six inches size is for female. To be beautiful it is made up of 24 carat gold and emboss flower design. This kind of original harp which is called deva. Einda harp can be seen in Mandalay fine Arts Museum our harp is the exact replica of the traditional harp in a small model. It is easy to carry and is a ideal gift for loved ones or to keep as souvenir or as an ornamental piece at home.

Myanmar give these harps to foreigners as a symbol for the national her tag we have treasured and the skill which crafts man process in handi crafts.

Myanmar harp came into existence in pyu kings at Thaye Khit Tayar. There is a harp playing Figure in the relief at ANANDA PAGODA and in the Prescoes of PAYATHONZU and KONDAWGYI PAGODA in the acient city of Bagan.

Myanmar Cuisine

Rice is the main Myanmar meal with curries, soup, and salads eaten with varieties of vegetable and fruit as a side dish. Most of the Myanmar People eat Monhiga Ohn Kno Khant Swe and steamed rice as a breakfast dishes.

Monhingar ia s kind of noodle soup that can be called Myanmar cuisine. Most of Myanmar people eat as breakfast. Easy To make. It is a convenient in house hospitality meal for friends and guests and for merit making occasions. Monhingar consist of thin rice noodles and thick fish soup. Father more garnish and imgredy add it. There are slice tender banana stem, lemon grass, egg, chili, onion, and pea pounder to get taste.

Serve in bowl rice noodles with a big ladle of soup.

Myanmar Laphet (or) Green tea Salad
Myanmar laphet is one of the popular of all Myanmar delicious. Amongest all the leaves, lephat is delicious Amongest all the meat, Pork is delicious. Amongest all the fruit, Mango is delicious.

It is religious offering for Nat Festival Long Long Ago Myanmar legel count of many civil cases, marriage, divorce debt were setted with laphet.

It is laphet in presence of preside Judges as conflicting parties negotiate for peace and harmony – According to Myanmar traditional name give ceremony, Buddhist meditation ceremony for boys and ear piercing ceremony for are serve with Myanmar laphet.

Myanmar wedding ceremony lephat is served to welcome guest singnifitance. The house used as a also welcome guest, as a peace offering after an argument, as a snack and as appetizer (or) last course. Some people eats rice and marinated lephet. It have various taste and various viterman.

Letphet consist of various ingredients. There are lephet leave, deepfriend garlic, roasted peanuts, roasted sesame seeds, friend pea, salt oil, seasoning pounder and finely chopped green chill.

Coconut milk rice with chicken curry
Tourist and Myanmar people like this cuisine. It is included of steamed coconut milk rice with sweet (or) sour chicken curry. It is serve with fried chili and cabbage salad with carrot.

Myanmar Traditional Cuisine (Thin Gyan Rice)
It is a festival dish eaten during the Thin Gyan Water Festival and happy new year. This is a traditional Mon dish. So we can find Mon State & Lower Myanmar. It is festival dish is simple. First the rice cooked in the usually way. It is tender and fluffy so that special variety of rice many be used one whch is long drained and has sweet smell.The water is placed in a largest dish bowl and a candle lighted next to it. The odour of the burnt wax is infused into the water.

The fried dried fish. The snake head is best dried fish. It is flesh and delisious. First the fry dried fish is boiled in a little water become slightly soft. It is then pounded in a stone mortar until it becomes in a stone mortar until it becomes sofe and powdery. Finally it is deep fried with ground mut it becomes slightly crisp and turns to golden brown. In the hot season time serve at cold fish, mixture of rice and water eat with spoon. The dired fish s serve septely.

The coolness of the rice and water. The slightly salty flavor of dried fish. The golden brown of dried fish. The blend of laste and color makes Thingyan rice an appropriated fish for the warm weather and the festival season.

Tazaung Daing Lights Festival
It is held on the full moon day of Tazaung Mone Homes, buildings and streets are alluminated. Monks are provide with robes and various requous sites at Kahtin. The offering of “Ma Thoe Thin Gan” saffrom colored robes wearing ceremony is held on full moon day of Tazaung Mone in of weavers compete with one another to complete weaving robes overnight. The weaving of this special robes is still done the traditional way as a demonsation and contect of weaving skill. During the Kahtain festival some Myanmar young men usually release fire ballons.

Elephant Dance Festival
Kyauk Se is situated in upper Myanmar. There lies on from Yangon to Mandalay. It is 26 miles far from south of Mandalay. The main feature of this festival are white paper elephant and black paper elephant.

Each of these paper elephant is dance and animated by two men inside now a day the elephants dance with music it has become one of the high lights in many auspicious celebrations throughout the country.

Golden Smile
Myanmar – a colourful patchwork of over 135 ethnic groups, each with a heritage of its own, a most enchanting and friendly people. A land of Golden Smiles awaits the traveller.

With most of the country virtually untouched by commercialised tourism, travellers jaded with fast- paced tours will be greatly refreshed by her splendid natural scenic beauty, quiet, easygoing and charming people, and the prevailing relaxed and accomodating atmosphere.

Myanmar Hospitality- no unexpected visitor will be turned away
A colourful patchwork two thirds of Myanmar’s 40 million people are Bamars, with the Shan as the second largest group. Other major ethnic groups are Kayin, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Mon, Padaung, Wa, Naga, Lahu, Lisu and Yaw.

The people of this land are very hospitable. They are excellent hosts; you will find yourself a most welcome guest in any Myanmar home. They love a good joke and one of their delights is to while away the evening with friends over a pot of tea, exchanging stories and amusing anecdotes.

If you believe that one important travel experience is to learn about the people of the land and develop friendships, Myanmar is your destination.

Myanmar Puppetry
Myanmar Puppetry is a kind of theatrical performance which is meant to give twin pleasures of Myanmar classical music and the dance-like movements of wooden puppets. In the times of the Myanmar kings, this art was often referred to as higher theatrical performance (the performance of human dancers being lower theatrical performance. Usually, a specific kind of wood called YAMANA is used to make puppets, which range in height from 13 inches to 20 inches, and are beautifully painted and dressed. The artistic skills of the Myanmar puppeteers proudly receive the attention of world travelers here.

Traditional Sports in Myanmar
Spectator and participatory sports are hugely popular in Myanmar, and come both in the form of imports – primarily football (soccer) and golf – and home grown sports such as chinlone (a ball sport) and lethwei (kick boxing).

Lethwei and Chinlone
Lethwei (pronounced ‘la-way’ and sometimes spelled letwhay) is Myanmar’s most popular martial art; it is a form of kickboxing that is related to other renowned Southeast Asian forms such as Muay Thai. Matches are won by knockout only; if there is no knockout after a set number of rounds, a draw is declared.

Matches can be seen around the country, including at Thein Byu Indoor Stadium in Yangon (at the very north end of Thein Byu Street, on the south side of Kandawgyi Lake). You can book a match and/or training by adding it to your wishlist on the right side of this page (subject to Lethwei seasonality).

Chinlone is an ancient game that is the traditional sport of Myanmar. It is a ball sport with a difference: the focus is not on winning or losing, but on how beautifully the game is played. Teams of six combine sport and dance, using feet and knees to control a ball that makes a distinctive clicking sound when kicked, and there is no opposing team. Form and focus are central to the art of chinlone, and in many ways it is akin to meditation.

Chinlone is a particularly popular activity at the many festivals that take place around the country. To find out more about these, go to festivals and individual destinations.

Trishaws(Side Car)

The misnomer for trishaws side-cars is more popular in Myanmar. The vehicles are much cheaper and more convenient for clumsy luggage in narrow streets of the cities. Many a tourist in Myanmar seeks pleasure and fun in having a ride on trishaws. For them, the experience seems to be a real way of learning and discovering Myanmar Lifestyle.