Mogok is just a famous town as the ruby-land of Myanmar either in Myanmar or the international community. It is 128 miles from Mandalay. The ruby-land is in the centre of four mountains namely 5,955 feet high Myomintaung in the east, 7,544 feet high Taungmetaung in the north-east, 5, 277 feet high Daw Nan Keehtaung and 5, 354 feet high Pingutaung in the west. Hence geography of Mogoke looks like an oven. There are green and lush forests around the town as there is wet weather.
Mogok is a town where mixed national races of Shan, Palaung and Lisu are mainly residing. Gems mining and selling is their living while some other local people work on farms. It is said that the land of Mogoke existed about 1-thousand million years ago where human beings had been living in pre-historic era. Geologists estimate that the rock layer of Mogoke is one of the most natural rock layers of Myanmar.

Mogoke attracts public attention for its precious gems-rubies, sapphires and balas rubies-as well as its significant natural panoramic view. Mogoke was once abundance in precious stones. It is said that gems could be discovered if someone merely pulls off a turf of grass. Today gems are extracted through traditional methods of digging by hand and mining by machinery equipment in respective gem tracts.
In the gems industry of Mogok, HtaPwe or gem markets play vital role in selling and buying the stones. Gems cutting are also a cottage industry in Mogoke.

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