Kyaing Tong (Keytoung)

According to legend Keytoung is founded by hermit , his name was Thongkalasi, he lived in the cave. The people of the hill came to him to ask the land to built the city. Most of the land were covered by water. He raised his magic stuff and pointed at the water, it’s the small lake which remain in these day , and dry land which people built the city.

First Kalasi to built the pagoda, which will protect the city. They named it Watsomkam, the city grow rounded , they bear the hermit name, the world city of town, Keytoung. The Buddha of Keytoung watches over the capital , center of the golden triangle. The monestries in Keytoung reflect archaistic style dominant in Lao and Thailand.

Kyaingtong, lies 456 km northeast of Taunggyi, in the eastern most part of Shan state near the Chinese and Thai Boarder, is an old colonial town and the centre for the Wa, Shan, Akha, Anh and Akhu and Lahu hill tribes. The town is surrounded by the beautiful forest and mountains and offers travelers a chance to visit the remote villages of this peaceful trading town. Highlights Yanke-Gone Pottery village, can also arrange for Trekking to nearby tribal villages, morning market to meet the local hill tribes.

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