Hpa-an, about 400 kilometres (250 miles) southeast of Yangon. It is the administrative capital of Kayin State. It is a small town with busy market. It uses to be in the restricted list for traveler. New bridge across the Thanlwin river make the city accessible via road from Yangon. Hpa-an town is about 200 miles East of Yangon. It is the heart town of Kayin Division. There is one main highway connecting Hpa-an and Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. The major ethnic tribes living here is Kayin and Mon, and most of them are Buddhists. Christians are just a minority. Burmese Hpa-an town, southern Myanmar (Burma). Situated on the left bank of the Salween River, 27 miles (43 km) north of Moulmein (Mawlamyine), it has an airfield and is linked by road west to Thaton and across the Dwana Range to Thailand. The small understood them of the Kayin State. Only accessible it recently has accessible to the tourists – in boat from Mawlamyine or automobile from Kyaiktiyo – and many travellers still the disowned one but they know well between the Birmani pilgrims who must be eaten the food viaggioano vegetarian while this zone.

Mt. Zwegabin

The glorious Zwegabin Hill is an attractive place for visitors and Kawtgon Cave is also a place of interest.
Mt.Zwegabin in the state of Kayin MOUNTAIN ZWEKABIN one evidences 800 meters over plains and e’ one stone for the Kayin people who live in these plains. An ascension hundred of the irregular points to the monasteroche that situated on the peak, them ricompensera’ with one seen exceptional.

Saddan Cave and Bayin Nyi Cave

Bayin Nyi Cave is closer to Thaton and makes an ideal stop on the way to Yangon. This is another steep Rock in the plains with a monastery at the foot of the mountain. There is a hot spring with bathing possibility.
Thandaung Hill Resort is a small resort town located in Kayin State, Myanmar. The majority of its population is Karen. It was developed as a hill resort by the British. Thandaung was also built-up as a hill resort from Victorian times by the British. It happens to be the hill resort closest to Yangon as it is only about 200 miles away and can be reached by car or bus on a half day’s journey. If visitors prefer using the railway, they can ride the train from Yangon to Taungoo in about six hours and from Taungoo to Thandaung it is only 27 miles up by car passing through lush virgin forests, see cascading mountain streams and climb gradually to over 4,000 feet, to reach Thandaung.


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