6 Days

AT#25 Leisure on Cruise at Mergui Archipelago
6 Days / 5 Nights

From November to May; operate regular 6-day cruises in the Mergui Archipelago, leaving in Kawthaung. Come on board to discover Myanmar’s forgotten paradise. We promise you a beautiful holiday and our crew will do everything to spoil you.


Day 1

We’ll meet you at the airport in Kawthaung (Myanmar) or in Ranong on the Thai side of the border and you’ll be on board in no time. Relax on deck with a welcome drink while we glide toward the Mergui! Spend the rest of the day on the Beach of Hasting Island.


Day 2

Early the next morning we will arrive at Lampi Island, the largest in the region. We will brunch on board and visit a village of Moken sea nomads. Let’s buy squid for dinner before sailing northwest to the gorgeous Clara Island. The water is exceptionally clear here!


Day 3

It’s a beautiful cruise to Pila Island and we will try our luck fishing for tuna. Once there, we barbeque on the long, long beach and go for a jungle walk along a little creek. Hear the monkeys and hornbills? Before a relaxed sundowner, we cool down by snorkeling in the azure water.


Day 4

We pick up the east winds and speed towards the Mid Group. We could spend a whole week exploring its small islands, hidden coves and beaches, so we choose the prettiest: Frost and Potter Islands. Spectacular white beaches and huge fig trees.


Day 5 & 6

We spend most of the day on the water, only stopping for a dip in the open ocean! Some get busy sailing, others lie on deck and watch the dolphins jump. It’s dinner on the beach at Zadetkyi Island. After a long brunch the next day, we sail back into Kawthaung. See you next time!

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LocationMergui Archipelago
Tour TypeInbound Tour