Shopping is always a part of the vacation experience no matter where in the world you visit, and Myanmar (Burma) is no different.

One might expect to haggle at a market stall rather than wander the plush halls of a mall in Myanmar (Burma). You may think you haven’t got a chance of getting some of your brand name shampoo here, that the only things you’re going to end up buying are souvenirs and ethnic jewelry.

There are fewer shopping malls Yangon in comparison to other Asian cities. On a positive note, this means there is less of a “global market” feel to shopping, but for those looking for a Western shopping experience this is not the greatest of news. Indeed, the malls are a little behind in terms of brand names in comparison to the rest of Asia also, but this is improving.

Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott’s Market)
Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott’s Market) is a major bazaar located in Pabedan Township in central Yangon, Myanmar. Known for its colonial architecture and inner cobblestone streets, the market is a major tourist destination, dominated by antique, Burmese handicraft and jewellery shops, art galleries, and clothing stores. Bogyoke Market is a popular black market location to exchange currency. The market also has a number of stores for local shoppers, selling medicine, foodstuffs, garments and foreign goods.

Dagon Shopping Centre
You know it’s up and coming when there is an internet café inside! Indeed Dagon Centre Shopping Mall is one of the few shopping centers in Yangon to have one. Moreover you’ll find branded shoes, handbags and fabric on sale, as well as numerous places to eat. Note that the beauty salon inside is the local hot spot for haircuts.

Taw Win Centre
Located on Pyay Road in Dagon Township, this is one of the newest and largest additions to the shopping scene in Yangon. It has five floors with brand name shops, jewelry and furniture available. There is also a game center, 3D Cineplex, a promotion and events center and the largest book store in Yangon. However, perhaps the most valuable information is that this mall stocks Paul Mitchell hair products and has The Body Shop.

Ocean Super Centre
If it is a Western-style shopping center you’re after, North Point Shopping Centre is as close as you will get. It is home to Ocean Super Centre and is considered the best place to shop in Yangon. The Ocean Super Centre provides the widest range of products for shoppers and indeed the widest aisles. Space is a big plus for this mall. Items to be purchased here include laptops and computers, electrical appliances, furniture, household utensils, fashion wear and accessories, toys and sporting equipment. The center specializes in home ware. There are also plenty of bedroom accessories like pillows and mattresses. The cafés and restaurants in the food court serve different kinds of Asian food including Chinese, Indian and Thai.

FMI Centre – Air conditioning!
Situated beside the Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Market, this mall is home to a number of retail outlets, making it a good place to buy fashion items for both men and women. Here, one can find Uncle Sam, KSL and Heart Rock Cafe.

So if you’re looking to shop in Myanmar, you don’t have to rely on the markets. Though the malls are substantially lacking in brand names, there are still many malls worth visiting.