Padaung(Kayan Tribe)
The Padaung people are one of the treasures of Myanmar and they mostly live in the southern Shan and Kayah States. The Padaung tribe is related to another tribe, now extinct, the Kayan. The Padung women is very easy to identify.Women of the KayanLahwi tribe are well known for wearing neck rings, brass coils that are places around the neck. For wearing of these rings shows confers and respect on the wearer’s family. Every year one more ring is added and later on, they must be worn in legs and arms too. The rings are heavy,weighing almost 30 pounds.

NagaNaga is an only small ethnic but beauty and colorful race group. The Naga people are headhunters. Headhunter is to take the heads in combat to undoubtedly the fertility of their fields and to safeguard their villages. All the guests have to sleep together (man and ladies are separately). We will provide for the blankets,pillows, mosquito nets. We recommended for warm clothes because the average temperature is about 0’C.

The Pah-O people are one of the Myanmar ethnic groups in Shan State and lies Between two Mountain ranges from south to north. They have their own language . A young unmarried women who works in smooth and gentle timing the motor works was wonderfully.

Morgan “Sea-Gypsies”
Salon nation from Myanmar, they refer to them selves as Morgan. They don’t have home they used their small boat as home.These people can be found near the Kawthaung Island. They can dive without oxygen tanks to gather real pearl from the deepest underwater. The sea gypsies’ festival celebrates during the second week of February at MA Kyon Galet village on Lampi Island. It is located at the southern part of Myeik Archipelago.

Traditional Tattoo
Chin Hills are still tattoo at her face.The tattoo tradition knowledge began a thousand year ago. The man from neighboring places captured pretty Chin girls as Salvery. The reason is girl’s facial tattoo are refrain from grabber of compel.But tattoo designs are different between Munn, Makhan and Dine tribes. tattoo of Munn’s designs is a line is small circles throughout the neck, straight lines making half moon shape for the cheeks. Young women of the Munn tribe in Mt.Victoria field are eager to do this customs. Din’s design is a lot of spots the whole face. Dine ladies are also show that they exert to be drudge and its testimony was a ring shapes tattoo around the ankles which they still have today. Makhan’s designs is likes as spider – net shape tattoos, it can’t be found around Mindat. At present, we can’t see the mass the female chins with tattoos on their faces in north and central Chin state, but we can see other south Chin villages still detention this tradition.

In the hilly chin state harrow are created for many narrow flat levels in a hillside. It is not easy to farming for the cattle in their mountain areas.Chin races are famous like as hunters. The Chin hills are covered with thick forests and plentiful for wildlife. Firstly, they used for traditional knots and arrows but later with local-made black power guns. But, now the Chin people began capably for hunt. If you visit to inside of Chin house in any Chin village, you will see the skulls of animals on their wall that the shot of themselves. There will be skulls of mithans, bears, wild boars, sambhurs, muntjacs, monkeys and hornbill beaks adoring the wall.