Welcomes to Myanmar, there are some guide lines about the beliefs and customs of Myanmar people

that will make you stay more enjoyable during in Myanmar. So please read them carefully some

important facts while visiting.

Myanmar people traditionally greet each other by saying “Mingalabar “(it’s mean Hello) with a smile.

Touching or showing affection in public will embarrass the hosts.

Please do not shout and raise your voice around the religion area or place.

Touching someone’s head is very, very impolite; ever step over someone in your path.

It is acceptable for men to shake hands but men do not shake hands with woman or a lady and. Men

should not touch a woman or a lady even in friendliness.

Please do not distribute gifts to children as it encourages begging, but give to and an established

organization or village elders instead.

Please show respect and dress neatly while in temple and religious site; shoulders and knees should be


Before you take a photo of someone ask if it is ok.

It is polite to gently crouch down when passing someone who is seated.

Do not offer your hand to shake hands with a monk.

In public do not kiss and hug is impolite.

Please remember to take your shoes off before you enter a home.

In Myanmar your head is “High”, your feet “low”. So, using your feet for anything other than walking or

playing sport is generally considered rude and never